Not so long ago, I discovered writing. Something I have never thought I would enjoy doing so much that I would even consider starting my own website and that suprised me through all the possible ways. Through writing, I discovered myself. Writing has unlocked me doors I have never thought were there. Writing might not have made me realise what life really is yet, but still uncovered lots of its secrets in my eyes. Writing gave me a deeper understanding of all the things surrounding me and I hope my writing would do this to you too.

I am Ema and I am prepared to share the world my thoughts, but most important, my love and passion for creating. By joining me, you will start your journey in finding and discovering what is actually hidden deep down in yourself and what makes you who you really are.

I started all of this by promoting the rising artists in which I believe. I consider that they are the ones that need and deserve all the support; the hard beginning shouldn’t bring them down, but encourage them to do better! I would never consider stopping to do that, seeing them grow brings joy to my soul and warms my heart up! If you know you have a talent to show and share the world, THIS is the PERFECT place to come! Here, unconditional support will welcome you right from the beginning and will never leave you! For requests, you can text me here: