Being 17, the youngest solo Indian artist to top the most coveted global radio charts: World Top 200 (Indie) and Europe Top 200 (Indie) with a self-written single ‘Deleted your number’ is, for sure, an immense achievement that implies a lot of talent and hard work. Not only her opera-trained vocals are breathtaking, but also her unique timbre and sweet and soothing voice play an important part in this. Once you start listening to her, you won’t be able to stop.

After a mini interview I had with Aditi Iyer in one of the MOB Zoom ‘Show me your talent’, all of my expectations were surpassed and I started to admire her even more. The answers she gave in the short interview we’ve had in between her songs made me really proud that I had the chance to meet and talk to such smart, wise and humble girl that enchanted every person in the audience.

Not only her answers, but also the clever lyrics of her songs denote a passionate interest for reading and personal development, beneficial things for everyone, but especially for artists. Her healthy mindset and good habits, which sooner or later will bring her to the immense succes she deserves, can easily be spot through every single move she does and every word she says. The way she adds from time to time brilliant jokes, while still remaining serious and gracious is part of her glamorous accessory that adds a little bit more spice to her charm.

Here is a glimpse of the answers she has given throughout the interview

EC:Tell us about your journey with music.

AI:My journey with music started really, really early. I feel like music has always been in my DNA, I’ve always love music, my parents told me that I was humming at 9 months songs I heard around the house and then at three I was singing nursery rhymes, at four I wanted to sing Celine Dion. So, I think music has really been with me my entire life and I think my journey began the day I was born, I have always loved music and I always knew I wanted to do something with it, do something with something that made me really happy.

I released my first YouTube video at eight with the help of my parents and my uncle. I think that truly kickstarted my journey in the face of the public. The same year, I began to learn western classical music and opera from a reputed teacher in Delhi, Ms Situ Singh Buehler. With her help, I learned really important vocal and breathing techniques that have revolutionized the way I sing, even pop.

My journey as a songwriter began at 10 years old, when I wrote my first song Who You Are. I was getting bullied at the time and it was a way for me to stand up to my bullies.

EC:What are your other passions aside from music?

AI:I’m really passionate about writing. Aside from writing songs, I’m trying to write a book. I know I’m never gonna get past chapter one, but it’s really fun to conceptualize anyway. I really like to do that. I like to read about weird topics, to listen to music and to watch TV. I’m not really into sports though.

After some more chit-chat, we found out she has just graduated high school and enrolled into Brooklyn Conservatory College of Music, which is a big achievement, considering the low acceptance rate. Aditi proves us once again her deep love for music.

EC: What do you like the most about the college your going to? I guess music is the answer, but which one is the specialization you like the most: music theory, writing music, what else?

AI: I’m very interested in performance. I’m hoping to major in vocal performance, I think being an entertainer is an art and it is an art I really want to learn. For me, writing songs is something I find really personal. Of course, there’s a class on that and I would love to take it. I think there are a lot of things I would love to learn about, but for me, I think the main interest is gonna be performance, how I can learn to engage my audience better, to learn some vocal techniques. So, that’s what I’m mainly hoping to get.

This is just the beginning of an amazing show where Aditi reveals a lot of interesting things not only about herself, but also about her way to success. If you want to get a better outlook on everything she said and see how sensational she is, start the video down below and I guarantee you’ll spend you’re time wonderfully!

You don’t even need to hear Aditi sing to be charmed, she will do it effortlessly through her simple presence and words. Her confidence is insipiring, she’s a person that I truly worship!

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  1. Wow Ema, that was a fantastic write up on Aditi and I thought you really touched on some aspects of her that really stood out. You have a really good handle on how to describe her and her vocal ability and I’m really impressed. I’m listening to her single on repeat as I write this and I do agree totally with you that she definitely has a sweet and soothing voice that just glides effortlessly through this very cool beat that sets the stage for her voice to shine very brightly. You writing is excellent Ema and how you put everything together in this article is very professional and you are so talented. Thank you so much as you are inspiring my writing too!!!
    Your friend, Jason.

    • Thank you a lot for leaving such nice comment and for always being so active, involved and willing to support artists! People like you make my days brighter and I am really happy that you think this way! Aditi really is an amazing singer and I loved writing about her!


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