What does writing mean to me?

It would be very predictable of me to find an answer to this question right now, but I won’t do it. I believe writing is something you can expand in a lot of different ways so you’ll always discover more and more parts of it. Therefore, answering this question right now would be too early. I know you might disagree with me and I totally agree with you on that because we are allowed to have different opinions, thing that I will be encouraging you to do in the comments of my stories. So, you might be questioning yourself- how can you discover more parts of such simple thing as writing? -You’ll be surprised!

By exploring writing, you explore yourself. You firstly discover emotions and then you discover the emotions you can feel through writing. Because writing is like art, it’s not supposed to look, sound or seem nice, but it’s supposed to make you feel something. And believe me, writing is what I feel the most and I hope you will do too!

Emotions are the necessary things we should be dependent of because they are the only healthy things that make us feel alive. And I will be trying my best to help you discover them all!

Something that has been occupying my time since January of this year, something I’ve never thought I’d love this much, the expansion of what I started doing this summer, is writing on Wattpad. ‘If Only I Could Read The Stars’ was the beginning to every little thought that made me believe books, writing in general, can clear your soul of all the emotions others need to fill up with. Then, words, feelings, ideas started continuously messing with my head, giving it no peace and silence. Everything was too intense and the only way I could express them was by writing everything on paper. My reality, not the characters’ of the book’s ones. And that’s how I started writing words that were slowly beginning to take on the form of poems in a completely unexpected way.

Wattpad was suggested to me and I can easily say that publishing on it was through the best pieces of advice I’ve ever got. In order to find the book and the poems, you have to sign up in the app, but if you don’t want to, it’s alright. I am going to be posting here, on the blog, every single chapter, one week after publishing on Wattpad. So… better stay tuned!

You can find my account by searching @emacilibiu or by simply clicking this link


Latest chapter- https://www.wattpad.com/1205105984-if-only-i-could-read-the-stars-chapter-9

Poems- Pe Aripi De Gand- https://www.wattpad.com/story/302560610-pe-aripi-de-gând

-Amurg de Vara- https://www.wattpad.com/story/300941840-amurg-de-vară