Acclaimed by international critics for her “musicality of a true artist” (Scherzo), “her exquisite sensitivity” (Audiophile Magazine) and “her delicacy and sense of singability” (El Diario de Sevilla), Laura Granero is an important figure in world’s music, having achieved many unique perfomances, already a bright star in this industry!

A bit about her…

Her deep passion for music, led to her will to study more about the history of what she loves, now being specialized in historical pianos and historically-informed performance practice. The performers of the past have inspired her to combine a multi-instrumental profile (fortepiano, harpsichord, piano) with the regular practice of tasks such as transcription, improvisation and composition. She is interested in Clara Schumann’s piano school, historical recordings and piano rolls, and the study of (forte) piano singing.

After studying piano in Spain with Claudio Martinez Mehner

and harpsichord with Pilar Montaya and Jorge García, Laura was accepted to the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis (fortepiano and harpsichord), graduating with honours. She is currently pursuing her PhD studies at the mdw (University of Music and Performing Arts of Vienna).

Her music

Through her music, Laura exudes soulfulness and a warmth that is hard to explain or match. The songs on her YouTube channel are a treat for the soul, a delight. This is the type of music I want to listen to when I relax or the one that helps me calm down in stressful times. Her music is joy to the ears, simply euphony. No matter how much she has studied, how much hard work she has put in to achieve these performances or this high level of skill, it’s clear to see that she has that thing that only true born-artists have. The sparkle of talent that shines really bright in her makes her stand out. The amount of dedication she puts into everything she does and the way she feels the songs, as if entering a trance, making us feel like we are taking part in a story, is fascinating.Once you’ll start listening to her music, you won’t be able to stop.

Her achievements

She has been invited to perform at the Quincena Musical de San Sebastian, the Fundación Juan March, the Utrecht Early Music Festival, the Festival La Chaise Dieu, the Auditorio Nacional de Música de Madrid, among others. As a researcher and teacher, she has been invited to lecture and give master classes at educational institutions such as the University of Sydney, the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid and many more. She teaches chamber music with fortepiano and has been a collaborator/artist with Boesendorfer in Spain since 2021. She is the founder of the FANNY DAVIES Ensemble (formerly Marie Soldat Ensemble), which was awarded three prizes at the Van Wassenaer International Competition (2022), including the most important prize of the competition, a concert tour in the 2023-2024 season. She is also the director of the educational project around the Notre Temps fortepiano. She has recorded two records so far, one on the fortepiano works of the Portuguese composer João Domingos Bomtempo (“Com flores e louros”) and the other on Chopin and Czerny (“Dans un salon de la Nouvelle Athènes, Son an Ero).

Although it’s hard to choose a favourite piece of music from her youtube channel, this one really stood out to me, you should give it a listen:

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